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Vortex Bladeless S.L. is a Spanish startup based in Ávila developing a wind turbine without blades nor gears or shafts, but based on similar wind conditions, materials and installations as the wind power we all know.


Vortex devices are light cylindrical machines which oscillate perpendicular to the wind stream by the Vortex Shedding phenomena, creating an aeroelastic resonance in which energy can be harnessed from the wind. As a consequence of how they work, they require very low maintenance, are quieter, safer, and harmless to wildlife, encouraiging a new urban/residential opportunity for wind power.


This technology doesn’t aim to replace regular wind turbines nor is better than them. We propose an alternative with radically different characteristics that may open new horizons to wind energy in all scales from micro-wind to large-scale generation.

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