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First bladeless oscillating wind generator

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Here you will find info and resources to write your article about Vortex Bladeless wind generators. Need a little bit more? Don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also check out our FAQs for quick answers, as well as our technology & design page which explains the operation of bladeless turbines.

Short bio

    Vortex Bladeless is a tech startup developing a wind generator which needs no blades. Designed to be an equivalent of solar energy in features and cost-effectiveness over time. Current product’s development is focused in on-site generation, meant to work alongside other Vortex units or regular solar panels in hybrid installations.


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Quick info

  • Bladeless turbines are meant to be gearless, oil-less, standalone, self-running, low-maintenance, harmless to birds, silent and lightweight.
  • Vortex wind generators are expected to have lower cost, carbon footprint and usage of materials than regular wind turbines.
  • Some objetives with Vortex wind power are to have a better space optimisation, response to wind changes, ROI and life-span than blades-based wind energy.
  • We want Vortex technology to have similar price and similar operation features to solar panels. Estimated launching date: late 2020 for Europe.


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Partners & Awards

  • 2017  – Innovation PYME of Spanish Government
  • 2016  – EU’s SME instrument Seal of Excellence
  • 2016 – “Renovable del Año 2016“ at 10th ‘Abulenses’ phase of Energy
  • 2014 – The South Summit Award (category of energy and industry)
  • 2014  – “Caja de Ingenieros” Entrepreneurs Award
  • 2012 – “Fondo de Emprendedores” Repsol Foundation Award


Collaboration with: EASME, Altair, CDTI, BSC, UPM, Birdlife, Ceres, Ciemat, and more.


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