Partners & Awards

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// Strategic partners & collaborators

The European Commission is funding Vortex’s project with an Horizon 2020 programme for research & innovation. This programme is also an opportunity of matchmaking, international events and partnerships.

Altair Hyperworks kindly provided their advanced simulation software for our research about Vortex street effect and VIV phenomena we needed to design the geometry of our aerogenerators.

Barcelona Super Computing Center provided us their computational resources for the most complex simulations. They also conducted many studies about our research in vortex induced vibrations.

Castilla y Leon Council funds regional R&D projects under government’s agreements. They are going to help us with the industrialisation and manfuacture of first commercial Vortex wind generators.

The Industrial and Technological Developement Center helped Vortex to start in their early steps with the Neotec credit, specially thought for innovation tech startups.

The Technical University of Madrid provided the wind tunnel of their Microgravity Institute for all the first years of trials and helped us with the data measurement. Some Vortex’s engineers studied here.


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// Vortex’s innovation awards

2017 - Innovative SME ``PYME Innovadora`` of Spain's government

2016 - Seal of Excelence in the EU's H2020 Programme

2016 - ``Renovable del Año`` Award of the 10th phase of Energy

2014 - The South Summit Award (startup of the year)

2014 - ``Fundación caja de Ingenieros`` Entrepreneurs Award

2012 - ``Fondo de Emprendedores`` Repsol Foundation Award

2011 - Latin American Entrepreneurship Award (to Vortex's team)

2010 - Everis Foundation Entrepreneurs Award (to Vortex's team)

2009 - Madri+d best technology company Award (to Vortex's team)

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