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``The design of Vortex's generators offers a potentially revolutionary shift from today's traditional designs, blades and all. (...) Looking at the bigger picture, the executive director of RenewableUK predicted a bright future when it came to both renewables in general and wind.`` CNBC 2017

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  • RT @VortexBladeless: ありがとうございます! Collaborating overseas for a better world! 💪🌍 Vídeo: 🇯🇵 @EUinJapan @H2020SME_OTF
  • RT @DSMeu: Thank you for following #SES18! If you are into #startups don't miss another great upcoming event: #ICT2018 in Vienna. Register…
  • RT @mueveteenverde: Los coches de combustión ya tienen fecha de jubilación: 2040. Para entonces, sólo se venderán coches eléctricos. Un pun…
  • RT @FuturEnergy_: Casi el 70% de la producción eólica total de Cuba va a ser desarrollada por tres empresas españolas en los próximos cinco…
  • ありがとうございます! Collaborating overseas for a better world! 💪🌍 Vídeo: 🇯🇵 @EUinJapan

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Our main videos list. Updated Vortex’s showreels of 2018. Join the wind power revolution!

Bladeless turbines’ trials, tests and operation videos on wind tunnel from 2016 to the present day.

Computational simulations of fluid dynamics and magnetic fields interaction on Vortex’s technology.

Conferences and interviews about Vortex Bladeless’ wind power technology.

``An innovative wind turbine design from a small company based in Madrid and Ávila, Spain, started with a radical idea derived from a 75-year old catastrophe.`` ENTERPRISETECH 2018

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