Frequent Questions
Frequent Questions



You will find an explanation on how it works in our technology page. There you will also find our “green paper” for an academical explanation, as well as third parties documentation about our tech that touch different topics. You can know more about the company in our about us page, or in our social media.

No it is not. We are proposing an alternative with a radically different aproach to wind power. This results in a technology with different pros and cons than regular wind power, but not necesarily better on all applications and cases.


This technology doesn’t aim to replace regular wind turbines. Hoever it may open new purposes to wind energy by offering a new way of harnessing energy from the wind.

Not it is not. As any new technology, there are many steps and phases from the idea to the final product. Ours is not an exception and we cannot assure a release date or if it will even reach some markets, specially consumer markets which are regulated for wind machines.


However, we are performing mid to large scale installations for both generation and study purposes of large vortex devices. If you represent a large company or government administration, you can sum up to our trials.

By now we are not looking for distribution agreements as we are not directly selling the devices. However you can always write and tell us your proposal so we can be in touch.

We are performing pilot installations of various sizes all around, specially in Spain. However most of them are in private terrain so we cannot ensure you will be able to visit.


If you represent a large company or a government administration and you are interested in performing a pilot of Vortex devices, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will keep people up about the project via our social channels. Follow us to get involved!

Maturity is  an importan factor on technologies, and ours still has years ahead of development and optimization before being a widespread thing. As happens with any investigation, we cannot ensure the next achievement’s date, but we keep on developing.

Sure! You are free to use any pic uploaded to our website or repository. Find direct links to pictures and 3D models in our media kit.


If you are posting about us on social networks don’t forget to mention us! @vortexbladeless

You can support us on our social networks and by any interesting proposal you have in mind. Find here a contact form to get in touch with us, but mind we should select only interesting comunications due to the large amount of emails we get.

Looking for an overall explanation of our tech? Find it here