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Frequently Asked Questions (2018)

1. Where do I find more info about this technology?


You will find everything you need to know about Vortex in our technology page. If you want technical data of the bladeless wind generator’s operation, you can check out our “green paper” which contains all the info we can provide for the time being.

2. How do I purchase a Vortex aerogenerator?


Our apologies, we can’t offer any products yet. We need a bit more time to optimize and certificate the aerogenerator so it could be sold in each country. After this stage, we will need to industrialize the manufacturing process and set up post-purchase services before truly reaching the consumer market.


However, we hope to have an available product for late 2019/early 2020. We will keep people up about the launching date via our social channels. Follow us to get involved!

3. Where and when will be the product available?


Vortex’s selling will be worldwide, but a technological development of this magnitude is always uncertain. Each country has its own regulations and certifications needed for selling, we will arrange and announce distributors for the next phase of the project.


We are valuing the possibility to launch in the incoming months a global beta testing campaign to get feedback of different environments and conditions. Participants will be able to purchase a functional 1m height technological demonstration, Vortex Nano, which won’t be a product since it is too small but it is perfect for testing.

4. Where can it be installed?


Vortex wind generator could be placed anywhere, it is meant for consumer market/distributed energy. It reaches its maximum performance at medium wind speeds so in an urban or housing environment the higher you place it, the better it will work. Turbulent airflows don’t affect its performance, it will adapt extremely quickly to wind direction changes.


Although the oscillation principle occurs in any position, the device is designed to be placed vertically. Best locations would be plain roofs or yards with some free space surrounding.


It needs to be firmly anchored. Bad weather doesn’t represent an issue (see “safety and considerations”).

5. How much is it going to cost?


Final prices depend on production and distribution costs, which depend on the market and the arranges for each country. Counting on the materials and factory process we are planning for the industrialisation, we expect Vortex Tacoma models to have a similar price to professional solar panels, maybe around 350€.

6. Safety and considerations


If you are planning to install Vortex Bladeless turbines, take into account that:


The device is very light, we estimate under 15/20Kg with the anchoring for Vortex Tacoma units, once industrialised. This anchoring has to be strong and rigid, the device won’t work if the base’s plate is not well fixed to a structure. Concrete cubes should be a good way to anchor it on the ground or floors.


Vortex wind turbines are designed to have a high performance with most commonn wind speeds (approx. 3-11 m/s) and to has a quick response to turbulent airflows changes. If wind velocity exceed the device’s working threshold, it will stop by itself due to physics principles.


The carbon fiber’s mast is strong but hollow and light, thus it could break if gets hit strongly. Being careful you could stop the oscillation movement with your bare hands if needed.


We expect Bladeless aerogenerators can handle wind peaks (around 30 m/s max) and heavy rain or snow. Nevertheless, we have not tested the device in really extreme climate conditions such as hurricanes or strong moonsons. Our Vortex Tacoma is currently in certification process which will measure survival conditions in detail.

7. I want to distribute Vortex Bladeless in my city/country


By now we are not looking for distribution agreements since the manufacturing is not decided yet. We want to have a finished, polished and well studied final prototype before negotiating distribution.


However you can always write and tell us your proposal so we can be in touch.

8. I wanna work in Vortex Bladeless


Generally we post in our website and social channels about the employment opportunities we have. If you are interested in being a member of the Vortex team, please send us your CV via mail or contact form so we can take it into account in the future. If you are an EU’s citizen, you also have to write us your explicit permission for us to keep your personal data.

9. Can I support Vortex somehow?


Sure! you can support Vortex in the social networks and tell your friends, introduce us to media and journalist you know, or maybe collaborate in our blog if you are into the renewables or engineering world!


Once you read the text above, if you think you have an interesting proposal or you want to collaborate with Vortex somehow, please write us via our contact form.

10. Current status of Vortex’s project









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