Vortex Technical Paper (green paper)

DOCUMENTS: VIV Resonant Wind Generators

Vortex Technical Paper (green paper)

Catch a whiff of the science behind Bladeless Turbines! The whole Vortex technology detailed in this paper which we fondly call “green paper”. Not enough? Check out our Media Gallery!

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Abstract: New wind generators with different characteristics compared with conventional wind turbines can improve the exploitation of this clean energy source. Aeroelastic resonance phenomena are usually considered a problem, but they can also constitute the basis of a technology for wind energy transformation. This paper is a condensed synopsis of the most general aspects of an alternative technology based on VIV fluid-structure interaction that avoids the use of gears or shafts. The application of magnetic forces to the resonant structure allows to dynamically modify the structure rigidity, which leads to an increase of the lock-in range and consequently a higher number of working hours per year. Electromagnetic induction is also one of the available strategies to transform the energy of the oscillatory movement into electricity.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 726776

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  • Ahmad Nasidi
    Posted at 11:04h, 11 November Reply

    How can vortex improve agriculture

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 14:45h, 11 November Reply

      By providing a source of energy different than the ones you can currently find, I guess. Applications are on you, we are just developing an alternative with different features.

  • Farhan
    Posted at 16:51h, 18 October Reply

    hi, I am very interested in studying in this field. why is the structure of this tool dome-shaped at the end? what effect does it have when the edges are flat, round, dome?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:15h, 22 October Reply

      The geometry affects directly on the vortex shedding’s frequency and location. This geometry you see in the videos and pics (not on the drawings) is the result of the investigation we have made in order to amplify this phenomenon, usually avoided. We collaborated with many people like Barcelona SuperComputing Center and their computational resources to achieve this.

  • Surya Arakere
    Posted at 17:44h, 11 October Reply

    what materials did you use to make the turbine and how does the turbine store energy?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 11:50h, 15 October Reply

      same as regular wind turbines: steel, carbon fiber, fiberglass, composites, plastics and resins, copper, etc… They don’t store energy, but you can do that with regular batteries

  • Chris Heid
    Posted at 23:25h, 14 September Reply

    Are you interested in a commercial partnership for prototype site in Wyoming

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 18:36h, 25 September Reply

      Maybe in the future, thanks!

  • Sameh raed
    Posted at 00:25h, 05 August Reply

    Can I ask about bladeless turbine initial and maintenance cost

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 12:03h, 15 October Reply

      We are not into production and long term trials yet to calculate final price and maintenance costs exactly, sorry!

  • Hugo del Valle
    Posted at 23:46h, 03 July Reply

    EHOla, sería factible la utilización de éste aerogenerador en Motorhome o casillas rodantes ?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:08h, 05 July Reply

      Solo cuando estén detenidas, en movimiento no tendría sentido, segunda ley de la termodinámica!

  • Pete Cottham
    Posted at 14:45h, 28 June Reply

    Have you considered the additional idea of designing for the tidal or marine current environment?……..installation of these posts seem much more likely to be accepted by the environmentalist groups than a massive whirling propeller turbine in the river or estuary mouth!………and of course the power output would be a function of the fluid density…which would be better……

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:09h, 05 July Reply

      Indeed but there already are some nice companies developing a similar system based on similar physics but for water. A fluid is a fluid! We have chosen the air.

  • Ioannis Diamantopoulos
    Posted at 07:19h, 21 June Reply

    Is it not possible to make it in a way switching automatically, increasing or reducing the lock-in range, to reach maximum power depending on the wind strength? Any idea of the cost?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 16:34h, 25 June Reply

      Yes! We already have that, we call it “tunning system” and allows us to change the apparent elasticity constant of the mast depending on the wind velocity (depending on the frequency of the vortexes really). About costs I’m sorry but they cannot be calculated until the manufacturing is fully set up.

  • Dennis Osborne
    Posted at 23:45h, 26 May Reply

    I would be interested in this l live in Atlantic Canada near the coast and would be interested in a retail purchase. I understand that you are not producing for the public . But I will be watching for any future development.

  • Merna Maher
    Posted at 12:53h, 05 April Reply

    Hello Vortex Bladeless
    I need to know if height of vortex can reach to 500 m or above 500 m ?
    Thank you

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 16:02h, 08 April Reply

      Well… the physical principle will work, but I can’t tell if structurally it would be possible. When you scale a device the engineering is not the same but bigger, it is usually slightly different, also materials change, so it is hard to tell for sure!

  • bryant churko
    Posted at 03:09h, 23 March Reply

    where do I buy one that is about 2 to 4 kilowatts and what would the price be and how high would it be

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 15:59h, 08 April Reply

      Sorry we are not commercializing yet!

  • Zartey Godwin
    Posted at 18:34h, 12 March Reply

    Please my name is Zartey Godwin, l am pursing Renewable energy engineering. My project work is on Vortex, can you please help me out. Thank you.

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 16:07h, 08 April Reply

      Dear Zartey, please write us to our contact form

  • Sreekanthan.S
    Posted at 15:24h, 28 November Reply

    How do you recruit your employee what do you expect. I am interested can you guide me for the requirement.

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 11:49h, 30 November Reply

      Dear friend, I’m sorry to say the company is not hiring at this very moment. But please don’t hesitate to write us to our contact form and send us your CV so we can take it into account for the incoming future.

  • Ajay Chole
    Posted at 14:38h, 01 November Reply

    The concept of Bladeless Wind Turbine appears interesting! When will you launch a fully tested product with a performance better than traditional turbines? Congratulations for the achievements till date!

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 16:59h, 08 November Reply

      Dear Ajay, thanks! We still have a hard path to walk before we can have a product in the market. But about performance, we never said we have better performance than regular wind turbines. Blades-based horizontal axis aerogenerators are a very mature technology which had years and years of development and optimisation. We don’t want to be competitors, but a small-wind alternative for an easier on-site generation on residential, rural or infrastructure uses.

  • Umer Sheraz
    Posted at 13:19h, 14 October Reply

    Hi team, we are electrical engineering students from Usman institute of Technology, Pakistan. we are working on our final year project that is totally relevant to Vortex Bladeless Wind Turbine, so we are in need of some details regarding vortecx bladeless turbine, can you please help us in this matter?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:11h, 08 November Reply

      Dear Umer, sure! please write us your questions on our contact form and we will try to help you as good as possible.

  • Gökhan Solak
    Posted at 17:45h, 08 October Reply

    im interested to import for turkey for my own farm land please kindly share me detaisl on cost for 1MB thank you

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:10h, 08 November Reply

      Dear friend, we are currently working on a model of 2,75m high and an estimated nominal of 100w. Bigger devices will be developed in the future, but this is the device endorsed by the EU and the one we want to humbly launch as our first commercial product.

  • Leo van der Heijden
    Posted at 09:14h, 24 September Reply

    Very interesting. As all high objects are vulnerable to lightning: have you thought of this and can you protect the rod against lightning without influencing its productivity?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:24h, 24 September Reply

      Yes! With the materials we are using Vortex turbines are not more vulnerable to lightnings than other tall structures (antennas and such). A regular lightning rod should do the job 🙂

  • Jabbar Javed
    Posted at 16:13h, 13 September Reply

    I have my final year project on vortex bladeless turbine. I am making a protype of this. The height of my mast is 1.5 m and what should be the wind speed? Is there any relation bw wind speed and mast height? I have to generate power of 5-7 W. And kindly guide me how mast produces vortex shedding effect and where should the wind strike the mast?

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:19h, 24 September Reply

      Dear friend, the whole aerodynamic profile of the mast determines the behavior of the device on a range of wind speeds. The power generated grows with cubed height, therefore the higher, the more energy can harness from the wind and the more conversion to electricity. The wind range in which a Vortex turbine can work depends on the mast’s geometry and on our patented tuning system, which is able to modify the elasticity constant of the whole system.

      You can calculate the rigidity of the flexible rod and the overall weight and height of the device for an specific wind speed, this way you will get much more energy but just on that wind speed. If you want a Vortex turbine to work on a range of speeds you need something like our tuning system. You can read more about it here Tech Paper.

      About Vortex shedding, it is a complex phenomenon created around the whole mast. In this case, the air does not “strike” the mast, but flows around like on a wing. Give or take, the vortex street effect is a consequence of this airflow passing around a slender and rounded structure like Vortex’s masts.

      To sum up, the combination of the geometry, weight, and height of the mast, the rigidity of the rod, and calibration of the tuning system are what make Vortex turbines work. To reach more efficiency on your prototype you should mind those features.

  • Antonio
    Posted at 11:05h, 07 September Reply

    Hello, i am following you sine a fee years. Your technology is really fantastic and smart. I wouls like to know when you are planning to enter in the italian market and if there is a chance to buy sharess in the stock exchange.

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 16:53h, 24 September Reply

      Thanks! We are right now under certification and planning industrialisation. If everything goes as expected we think first products might be offered for late 2019 / early 2020.

  • Sunnysunil
    Posted at 12:14h, 31 August Reply

    What is overall cost to install in india

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 16:56h, 24 September Reply

      Dear friend, installation costs depend on the installation company and may be very different on each country. To calculate an average price you can investigate other services of renewables installations and check how much do they cost.

  • Ira lifland
    Posted at 18:22h, 19 August Reply

    Been following vortex since the beginning and have 3D model as well..
    I am very interested in installing one in my house here in Southern California if it work then I would want more in Costa rica where I live as well…
    I currently support 14.5 KW solar, and 4 Tesla power walls…. so I am essentially off the grid in suburbia ….
    Keep pushing forward….

  • Gavin Lee
    Posted at 14:47h, 20 July Reply

    Great job, congrats

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 17:23h, 24 July Reply


  • Robert Ellitson
    Posted at 13:31h, 18 July Reply

    Would like to be the agent In SABEC counties to sell and install this units

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 18:01h, 19 July Reply

      Thank you Robert for your offer. Please write us on our Contact Form so we can discuss about a distribution/patnership agreement. A Vortex’s team member will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks

  • Deniz
    Posted at 16:49h, 09 July Reply


    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 11:59h, 13 July Reply

      Thank you! ⚡

  • Johnny Mnemonic
    Posted at 04:18h, 04 July Reply

    The energy in the wind is proportional to the capture area, and proportional to the cube of the wind speed.
    So your wiggle stick won’t really produce any useful amount of energy, will it…

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 10:34h, 04 July Reply

      Hi! That principle you described well is suitable to every wind generator. It’s correct that the capture area of bladeless turbines is lower than the one of rotating wind turbines of same height. On the other hand, a small and concentrated capture area with no interference between nearby turbines means that you can put a bunch of Vortex aerogenerators quite close in the same area as a single regular turbine occupies to work and turn, compensating this way a lower capture area for a single device 🙂

      The power generation grows exponentially with height, and higher devices can work in higher wind speeds. The capture area for a single Vortex Tacoma (2,75m) is expected to have a nominal of 100w at the moment, working on a nice lock-in range. It is possible to reach more power but reducing the lock-in range.

      • Johnny Mnemonic
        Posted at 07:18h, 25 July Reply

        Perhaps factually quantifying voltage and current (power output) over a given wind speed would provide a basis for reality.

        • Vortex Bladeless
          Posted at 18:16h, 25 July Reply

          A power curve 🙂 we have calculated many based on simulations and estimations from wind tunnel trials since beginning. But those are not “real” since the testing prototypes are not the final product. At current moment we are in certification stage with a third party company and trying to find an efficient way to industrialise the manufacture of the pieces. If the specs of some pieces change to be industrialised, the power curve will change. It also depends on the calibration of the lock-in range which may be adapted to be different for each area. If during the certification they find any problem, we will have to change the design as well. To sum up, we wanna publish info that can be applied to the future product we will sell, not to the developing prototypes that are still changing a little everyday. I hope you find this reasonable, a datasheet of Vortex Tacoma will be published asap!

          • Michiel Mestdagh
            Posted at 01:47h, 26 May

            First of all wonderful concept! This is the first time I hear from your company but I’m already intrigued.

            Is a datasheet of Vortex Tacoma already published?

          • Vortex Bladeless
            Posted at 16:35h, 30 May

            Thank you! Not yet, it is an early prototype

  • Carlos Ricardo Osorio
    Posted at 23:30h, 03 July Reply

    We started to follow you from the beginning. We liked the idea. Congratulations for the perseverance and for the hard work of capturing an idea in reality

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 10:22h, 04 July Reply

      Thank you for your kind words Carlos!

  • Greg O'Neill
    Posted at 14:28h, 03 July Reply

    David, you might be interested in the ‘kinetic charging device’ invented by my friend, Paul Faso, you can visit his site at Evur to learn about this system of using kinetic motion to produce power. I have no doubt that Paul will want
    to dialog with you about possibly creating a hybrid system for power generation.

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 10:18h, 04 July Reply

      Hello Greg, kinetic charging systems for cars like “regenerative breaking” is a well known technology. It looks curious that this Evur car claims to produce more than it consumes working as a car, a little bit contradictory, isn’t it?

  • Carlos Sepúlveda Molinos
    Posted at 11:16h, 03 July Reply

    Hi Vortex !!!

    Long time without hearing from you !

    At what stage is the project running ? Any estimations regarding Time -To -Market ?

    Can BladeLess compete with traditional blade turbines in terms of cost/ production ? ( No doubt BladeLess wins from the enviromental point of view)

    Loved the old address… Even worked for some neighbours, but I hope the re location to an industrial area means going ahead in the development of future manufacturing & sales project.

    Kindest regards !!!


    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 09:16h, 04 July Reply

      Thank you Carlos! We are in the certification stage with the EU for the Vortex Tacoma (2,75), which takes several months. Of course we want to be in the market asap, in fact we need to because our current funding (european commision h2020) is not lasting forever. But good things always take time!
      Bladeless turbines are expected to be more cost-effective than regular turbines in terms of kWh/year compared to its costs. Since bladeless turbines are almost maintenance-less, they reduce costs drastically. But of course you should measure these things specifically for each location, each local energy costs and each wind conditions.

  • Nihal
    Posted at 21:38h, 30 June Reply

    pretty interesting idea 🙂 I don’t get details since I’m no engineer but I know enough to understand what you re talking about. Congrats for the hard work

    • Vortex Bladeless
      Posted at 11:41h, 01 July Reply

      Thanks for your words Nihal! ⚡ You can find a “less technical” version of the paper here “How it works”

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