Vortex Beta Testing

Vortex uncovered, try the technology yourself!

Do you wanna be one of the beta testers of Vortex Bladeless turbines?

Participate in the demo experience of Vortex Bladeless! Be the first one in pre-purchasing a Vortex wind turbine and write a complete review of it! Your feedback will help us on the commercialization process, and the most interesting reviews will be published on our website. Everyone can participate!


Just fill the contact form below telling us your profile, the climate conditions of your area and your interest in bladeless turbines and you will enter in the beta testing contest. Beta units are completely functional!


Limited edition! Selected participants will have the chance to adquire world’s first Vortex Nano device on its ex-works price to perform tests and write a tech review. SEE CONDITIONS BELOW >>

Vortex Nano (1 m)

Vortex Beta Testing
See datasheet ⚡
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Your interests in this technology (not just for the Vortex Nano unit, but for bladeless turbines in the future)

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Vortex Bladeless

Wind turbine

Beta testing

Conditions of the beta testing contest

  • Mind that the beta testing units are limited, not everyone who participates will be selected for the demo.
  • Vortex Nano is NOT a commercial product yet, and it is in process of certification. You are not buying a full product but a beta testing unit on its ex-works price.
  • You will have to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to get the unit. Because of industrial privacy, no information from the beta testing can be published without Vortex Bladeless SL consent.
  • To sign up to Vortex Beta Testing is completely free. If you are selected as a participant we will send you by email the details for NDA and purchasing.
  • Of course you have the right to desist anytime in your participation.
  • Mind that the main commercial product will be Vortex Tacoma, with a greater power generation. Vortex Nano is a tech demonstration, so the company cannot take responsability of the installation of the unit. Instructions will be provided.
  • Units will be sent when the contest is closed. If you are selected to participate you will be informed by email about the details. You won’t pay or sign anything until your Vortex device is ready for shipping.


Costs of the beta testing Vortex Nano unit: 200$ US dollars.

// Vortex Nano Datasheet

kWh/year (avg. wind 5,4 m/s)8,93 kWh
Nominal power output2,3 W
Peak power output4,2 W
Height1 m
Diameter95 mm
Max. amplitude angle3,1º
Max. oscillation frequency14 Hz
Total weight2,18 Kg
Start speed3 m/s
Nominal speed6,5 m/s
Survival speed30 m/s
Swept area<0.128 m2
Working temperature-25º – 55º C
Anchoring1 plate + 5 M4
Plug outUSB A female
Built-in battery4200 mAh
Cable lenght2.5 m
Voltage output5 Vdc

Power curve (kWh/year)

Vortex Beta Testing

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