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// About Vortex Bladeless SL

Vortex Bladeless is a tech startup. We are developing an environmentally friendly aerogenerator which needs no blades. It is a new wind energy technology specially designed for on-site generation in residential areas, being able to work on-grid, off- grid, or along with regular solar panels or other generators.


Our vortex wind turbine is not actually a turbine, since it does not rotate. It is based on the phenomenon of aeroelastic resonance, this way the device oscillates with a quiet non-aggressive movement which makes it perfect to be placed anywhere without disturbing wildlife.


The idea came suddenly in 2012 to David Yáñez after watching a video of the Tacoma Narrow’s bridge oscillating in the wind. Our startup story started then, and we have been working very hard for years since. It was not easy to find out the best materials and the best way to cook this special recipe; a brand new technology is always hard to develop, although we are very close to reaching our goal and dream.


We are collaborating from the beginning of our development with a few external companies, the best ones for what we need. These companies aren’t only partners, they are also supporters. Many thanks to all of you for making this project possible. See the full list of partners.

Vortex Bladeless team in Madrid 2019

vortex bladeless team

Current status of Vortex’s project









Onshore wind farms and new turbine designs are obtaining very good results. Although we are focusing in the end-user / residential market, Vortex aerogenerators could be treated as if they were solar panels regarding large scale architecture, urban planning, infrastructure of services…


We have been working restlessly to optimize the final details of the energy conversion & tuning system, and to certificate and homologate the aerogenerator so it can be sold worldwide. However, before reaching the market truly we need to industrialize the production process.


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// Our team members

Our team is unified by the lifelong goal of improving the world, being able to watch ideas turn into reality is what motivates and defines us. This team has successfully developed several technology projects, and believes a better, cleaner environment is possible with Vortex technology. Our goal is to make the world a better place by making wind energy cheaper and more accessible.

// Past and current advisors

Some members of our Advisory Board are also partners and fans of our technologies. Because they have a great professional experience and they believe in our team and our project, they support us in the best way the know and they can. We are really grateful to them.

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