D7.3 Website

Deliverable D7.3 Website V0.3 environment. Management and Maintenance The site will be regularly updated with the technological outcomes, findings and achievements, as well as with the Exploitation and Dissemination activities of the Project. Positioning of the site will be increased through active links (VORTEX´s partners websites and other relevant EU projects, institutions and stakeholders, all related to the Project). The information contained in the Project section is likely to be valuable even after the project has finished. Therefore, the website, that will continue existing after the project funding has finished, will keep all the information related to the Project visible and updated. All the information uploaded to the website will be previously reviewed in order to prevent VORTEX Intellectual Property Rights being put at risk. Website Design The following tasks have been developed by the company GoNext in order to achieve the objectives men- tioned above:  Programming of Templates and Plugins.  Installations, display, implementation of templates in the platform Wordpress and necessary plu- gins.  Contents managements.  Tests and supports. Next images show the design of different website sections in order to provide an idea of the look & feel of the website: Figure 1 . Preliminar Front Page of VORTEX website, section I. VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 8