D7.3 Website

Deliverable D7.3 Website V0.3 ( http://www.vortexbladeless.com/ ) was adapted and the EC logo together with the disclaimer were added to the site fulfilment the standard set in “Article 38 - Promotion the action - Visibility of EU funding”- H2020 AGA - Annotated Model Grant Agreement: V2.2 - 25.11.2016. The website is a major dissemination tool, with a potential large audience, intended to facilitate the spread of project’s information to different the stakeholder groups identified in the Project. This form for disseminating is the core element of the external communication strategy of VORTEX´s Project. The web site eventually will:  Ensure the visibility of the project.  Facilitate the diffusion of the project's results.  Promote their exploitation. The official Project’s domain will be: www.vortexbladeless.com Main requirements, Content and Context The website contents a basic set of information about the fundamentals of the idea, VORTEX´s technology, the C&D activities, the impact and so on. A specific section will contain a brief description of the Project, main objectives, the WPs, the expected impacts and the possibility to download the deliverables classified as Public (PU). The website has been designed in order to comply with the following main requirements  Integration of Social networks: Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube (see Deliverable 7.1 ).  Quick deployment and Cost Efficiency.  Responsive web design, responding to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Implementation following User Centered Design (Norman & Draper, 1986) and Usability (Abran et al., 2003; ISO 9241-11) principles.  Multilingual capability: in order to be able to offer content in several languages - first version will only contain content in English. Technical Specifications The implementation of the platform CMS Wordpress for the management of the content of the website, V4.2.2. Plugins will be included needed for the following functions:  SEO friendly programming.  Google Analytics statistics analysis.  “responsive design”, design adapted to mobile devices. LAMP Server (Linux, Apache, PHP and Database MySQL). Access to the hosting for the implementation in its pre-production environment; it is not essential but is recommended. Access to the production VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 7