D7.3 Website

Deliverable D7.3 Website V0.3 1. INTRODUCTION This report intends to reflect part of the project activities carried out by VORTEX in the completion of Task 7.3 Dissemination actions of Vortex outcomes (WP7) defined in the DoA. This task has associated Milestone 7.2 Project website in operation and the present deliverable D7.3 Website . The present document, therefore, provides an overview of the project activity corresponding to the website objectives, construction and design. Objectives The purpose of the website is to inform the general public on the objectives and activities of the Project, and to store, freely available, dissemination material such as newsletters, public reports, deliverables, and publications. The website will be operating along the lifespan of the Project and will continue well beyond. The purpose of advertising the outcomes of the Project in a website is to enable external professionals working in energy and renewable, the general public and any interested in our technological development to know about the VORTEX initiative, and hopefully to attract the interest of all of them in following the activities of the Project. Objectives:  To provide a friendly design and easy-use platform to inform stakeholders of the advances of the Project.  To boost the future integration of Vortex device into the market and make it visible in the net as a definitive energy solution in Europe and Worldwide.  To increase on/offline visibility.  To improve internet search engine results in both, organic SEO and PPC (SEM). 2. VORTEX Public website The website has been designed by VORTEX´s Team in collaboration with the GoNext´s Team. The website will be hosted and maintained by GoNext, as part of the activity subcontracted by VORTEX to this company. The website has been designed according to the standards set in “Article 38 - Promotion the action - Visibility of EU funding”- H2020 AGA - Annotated Model Grant Agreement: V2.2 - 25.11.2016. The VORTEX public website will be launched on 15 th December 2016 . In order to capitalise on the VORTEX public website launch, several stakeholders and collaborators will be invited to the event (BSC, Nanoinnova, SEO/Birdlife, etc.) as well as various national media (El País, El Mundo, etc.). During the firsts months of the Project, the present-day public website of the company VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 6