D7.4 Dissemination materials

Deliverable D7.4 Dissemination Material V0.3 Table 1. List of channels and tools used during the first semester of the Project (M1-6). Channels Definition Tools Communication Activities Oral and written materials to communicate the outcomes of the project in a language easy to read and understand. This also applies to the rather technical studies and infoguides. Conferences, lectures, workshops, articles in press, interviews, training, Document of General Information. Audiovisual Media Audiovisual materials to reach specific target groups (particularly the general public), especially through local and regional media. Promotional Videos, TV programs and Radio. Social Media Promote the project on Internet using different options including social networking, professional networking, etc. Linked-in, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Branding Strategies to get people to recognise the project. Visibility. Logo, Promotional give-aways. Website A first source of information about the Project (objectives, progress and results, partnership) for interested audience outside the project. It is of great importance that contains the right information in a clear and accessible design and structure. Project Website. Activities organized jointly with other H2020 projects. EC events, workshops, webinar. 3. Monitoring and Reporting The information and outcomes about the E&D activities carried out is systematically gathered by the PM through Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) and supporting materials, as control files and deliverables. The PM keeps constantly the lines of communication open via ITC, mainly by email and phone with all the teams of the Project. The different teams are regularly asked to provide information on the E&D activities related to the project through customized control files ( table 2 ). Finally, the E&D activities will be discuss in regular meetings planned every 3 months (see table 3 ). So far, one C&D meeting was held on 30 th August 2016 in Madrid, Spain. The outcomes of the meetings are registered in the control files and eventually will be included in the periodic reports due to the EC (deliverables and reports) and uploaded to the Participant Portal, Project continuous reporting section, Dissemination Activities: https://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/grants-app/reporting/. VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 8