D7.4 Dissemination materials

Deliverable D7.4 Dissemination Material V0.3 1. INTRODUCTION The dissemination and exploitation of the project’s research activities and results are fundamental components of the VORTEX project. Dissemination will take place during the project implementation and after complexion. A separate WP, WP7, has been established to coordinate the dissemination activities that are dedicated to inform, communicate and disseminate the outcomes of the Project and reach the intended audience. The Communication and Dissemination Team and the Project Manager, with the proactive collaboration of all members of the Project will promote the project's exploitation and dissemination actions. The exploitation and dissemination activities eventually aim to: i. support the EC efforts to promote EU programmes, ii. to comply with the contractual obligations to disseminate and communicate the outcomes of the project funded, and iii. to make the results and deliverables of the Project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience. 2. Exploitation and Dissemination Methodology The methodology used to exploit and disseminate the outcomes of the Project during the first semester of the Project (Month 1-6) is that detailed in the Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of the Results (PEDR) ( D7.1 table 1, Annex I ). The following channels have been selected to effectively disseminate the results obtained during for this period, using the proper tools in each case to effectively target the intended stakeholders ( table 1 ). Additionally to this tools, VORTEX has a Database Hubspot-managed containing a wealth of information regarding stakeholders that have contacted our company. The database allows us to have an exhaustive control of the technical information released and it is a key element in the commercial and Business development strategy of the Project. The database account for 7264 contacts , among them suppliers (technological, materials), potential partners for pilot testing, distributors, investors, students, researchers, potential clients, even enthusiastic individuals interested in the technology. These contacts come from different domains, as the private sector (wind energy stakeholders), the public sector (local and national authorities), the general public, the academy and so on. The Communication and Dissemination team keep updated the database adding systematically the contact details of all the persons that contact us including in the register the origin (company, organization, institution details), the type of collaboration and the potential agreements. The database actually grow in a base of 20 new contacts per week, but we foresee that this tendency will speed up once the device is ready-to-market. VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 7