D7.4 Dissemination materials

Deliverable D7.4 Dissemination Material V0.3 5. CONCLUSIONS Impact of the Exploitation and Dissemination Activities The following table assess the impact of the dissemination and communication actions taken in order to quantify the scope of the actions taken ( table 5 ). Table 5 . Exploitation and Dissemination Channels, actions taken and its impact. Exploitation and Dis- semination Actions Actions Taken Impact Communication Activities 30 The Communication activities developed successful reach a wide audience through oral communications at technical conferences, lec- tures at schools, publications at informative nature journals, special- ized web sites, press releases and so on. E&C activities have reached 8 countries, among them Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan. Audiovisual Media 7 Youtube: audience targeted: EC; potential industrial partners; Pro- ject partners; general public (47 views) TV Program on the Spanish National TV Channel. Interview in the Local Radio Station of Rochester, NY Pitch Event at TedXtalk Valladolid, the popular talks with: Social Media 4 VORTEX Project outcomes are being disseminated through the cor- porative social media taking advance of the high popularity of these networkings: Linked In: 1261 followers Instagram: 1047 likes Facebook: 844221 likes, 6008 followers Twitter: 2169 Branding 2 Give-away Vortex thumbnails: 6 Activities organized jointly with other H2020 projects. 3 Number of assistants to the SME INSTRUMENT INNOVATORS SUMMIT: Participants: 321; Meetings: 321; Sessions: 28. The number of dissemination and communication actions taken during this firts period (M1-6) has been quite high and promising taking into account that the project it is in its early stages. The project has already sparked much interest among renewable energy sector, potential partners, general public over the world. We can concluded that the D&C strategy followed has been succesful to date. Nevertheless, the C&D Team expects to greatly increase these actions and the audience targeted as the project progress. VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 20