D7.1 Plan for exploitation and dissemination of the results

Deliverable D1.1 PEDR V0.3 O.4.4 Introduce VORTEX to ESCOs sector. High lobby already found, isolated houses and others potential consumers. 2. Exploitation & Dissemination Methods and tools In order to achieve PEDR´s objectives, VORTEX Project will use several tools and channels. The different formats choose will allow us to custom reach all the targeted groups identified in the context of the Project. Exploitation and Dissemination Process and Roadmap Dissemination activities will take place at all relevant points during the Project and executed according to the PEDR. In order to create, maintain and successfully implement the PEDR channels and tools, a rational process has been defined ( table 1 ). This process will be supervised by the C&D Team ( see D1.1, table 1 ) and will follow a defined roadmap ( ANNEX I ) to successfully achieve PEDR´s objectives and meet the contractual requirements of the EC. Figure 1 . Overview of VORTEX´s Exploitation and Dissemination process. Exploitation and Dissemination Activities The following Channels and Tools have been selected to address the PEDR:  E&D activities Calendar . A calendar has be established including all the actions planned during VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 7