D7.1 Plan for exploitation and dissemination of the results

Deliverable D1.1 PEDR V0.3 1. INTRODUCTION The objective of this document is to set out in detail the terms of use and dissemination of the results arising from the VORTEX project in accordance with its interests. Moreover, the final plan for the use and dissemination of foreground provides a complete picture of all dissemination and communication activities undertaken during the Project. This document is an initial version of the Exploitation & Dissemination Plan for the Project. It will be updated regularly thereby updating the information contained herein and identified best practices. The success of the means to achieve the objectives outlined below will be reported in biannual dissemination reports of D.7.1 in Months 12, 18 and 24. Purpose of the Plan for Exploitation & Dissemination of Results A Plan for Exploitation & Dissemination of Results has been elaborated to enable and support the dissemination activities across various channels. They will be subject to a Exploitation and Dissemination Process and a Roadmap. The PEDR consists of two element: the web site and a Exploitation & Dissemination Strategy that integrates several methods and tools to enable and support the Plan across various channels (see Exploitation & Dissemination Methods and Tools ). Scope of the Plan for Exploitation & Dissemination of Results As a technological project, VORTEX will initially deploy a disruptive technology for domestic applications. While domestic applications is the primary objective of VORTEX´s Project and the stakeholders are very well defined ( see D1.1, figure 1 ), its multiscale applications goes beyond this application, to commercial, industrial and utility applications. There is no doubt that a much broader public will benefit from this technology in the near future. For this reason, there is a strong interest in a wide- spread dissemination of the project’s outcomes, to reach the identified stakeholders and other potential users and stakeholders. The identified stakeholders of VORTEX´s Project along the development of the project it is detailed described in Deliverable 1.1 Project Handbook . Objectives The main objectives of PEDR are: 1. to promote Project main outcomes and demonstrate the benefits of the VORTEX technology. 2. to informVORTEX stakeholders. 3. to attract the interest of potential partners and clients and create market demand. 4. to share the technological advances resulted from the Project with research communities. 5. to highlight the benefits of the SME Instrument. The specific objectives of VORTEX´s PEDR, described in the DoA, are: O.4.1. Effective dissemination. Specific activities to target specific groups. O.4.2 Identify more sectoral events, fairs and congresses to announce our product and obtain stand offers. O.4.3 Engage current clients to visit the show-room plant during DEMO and give us feedback. VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 6