D7.1 Plan for exploitation and dissemination of the results

Deliverable D1.1 PEDR V0.3 Notations, abbreviations and acronyms PEDR Plan of Exploitation and Dissemination of the Results E&D Exploitation and Dissemination Activities C&D Communication and Dissemination Team WPL Work Package Leader DL Deliverable Leader PM Project Manager DoA Document of Action WP Work Package D Deliverable EC European Commission ESCOs Energy Service Companies ICT Information & Communication Technologies CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics DEMO Demonstration Plant SME Small and Medium Enterprises SUMMARY This document describes the terms of use and dissemination of the results arising from the VORTEX Pro- ject in accordance with its interests. The document gives a cumulative overview of the Project’s dissemina- tion and communication activities (planned and undertaken), the purpose and scope of the PEDR, describes the process and roadmap elaborated to successfully meet the contractual requirements of the EC and finally, the monitoring and reporting strategy. VORTEX PROJECT – EC GA n°726776 5